Health & Wellness

Good health and well-being is the foundation of a thriving community. The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area offers comprehensive programs that address the physical and psychological needs of the African American community. African American children are at particularly high risk for poor health, and for the early onset of health conditions.

The African American community is experiencing an alarming increase in the rate of cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, HIV/AIDS, renal disease, respiratory conditions, arthritis, and depression. Therefore, the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area places a important emphasis on improving the health awareness of youth in our community. In addition, the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area works to shield African American children from violence and harmful behaviors while instilling in them the principles of community building.

The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area partners with other health related non-profit organizations and government agencies to promote preventative health strategies, conduct health screenings, and provide education on diseases that are prevalent in the African American community. The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area works in partnership with other community organizations, schools, government agencies and businesses in developing comprehensive programs that address the health crises that confronts many African Americans.

The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area Health & Wellness Program is based on the National Health & Wellness Program.

The key programs and activities that we provide in support of Health and Wellness are:

MOVE for Health
 – Many of the health risks in our community can be attributed to modifiable factors, such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor nutrition. The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area strives to increase the awareness of the health needs of African Americans and empower them to improve their health status through education and early detection. Our yearly signature project called MOVE for Health features fitness and nutrition programs for people of all ages. We advocate active community participation and work to provide African Americans in our community with the tools and information to empower them and help take charge of their health.

Tommie Smith Youth Track & Field Program – The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area sponsors a year-round youth track & field training program. The program is named in honor of 1968 Olympic 200m Champion, Dr. Tommie Smith. An emphasis is made on strengthening aerobic capacity in the youth in our community. The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area organizes and sponsors a series of youth athletic clinics throughout the year. Olympians and world class athletes typically are in attendance to conduct specialty clinics for our students and coaches. The local track & field season culminates with the Tommie Smith Youth Track Meet which is held each year in May.

Youth Movement 
– The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area established a Health and Wellness initiative named Youth Movement in 2002. We sponsor year-round track and field clinics and track meets where participants are physically conditioned, athletically trained and benefit from team dynamics. The purpose of Youth Movement is to promote recreation and wellness under the mentorship of highly qualified coaches, world class athletes and Olympians.

Disaster Preparedness Training – The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area partners with disaster preparedness experts to share information and resources that can improve our chances of survival during catastrophic events. We have established a relationship with the American Red Cross, to ensure all members of 100 Black Men of the Bay Area are trained, educated and prepared in the event of natural disasters,localemergencies and/or other life threatening situations. In collaboration with the Red Cross, we will use our network of influence to prepare the Bay Area community including schools, churches and business and provide support in times of crisis. To receive a discount on disaster preparedness supplies visit the American Red Cross Store and entering the promo code, “the100”.