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A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors

100 Black Men of the Bay Area, Inc. is thankful for the many partners, sponsors, and supporters who have given their time and resources.

The generosity of donors like you is changing lives every day.

We are committed to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and sustainability.

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Who We Are

The mission of the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area is to improve the quality of life within the Bay Area and beyond, by advancing the social, economic, health, and educational progress of African Americans.

We focus on the low to moderate income community, and offer programming and resources to support wise financial, health and lifestyle choices that can lead to family-sustaining wages and long-term career and life success. Our motto, “What They See Is What They’ll Be” refers to a “lead by example” approach that resonates with our youth who often lack the exposure or positive behavior modeling from caring and successful African American men.


The 100’s signature mentoring program is an effective, evidence-based and strategic intervention that helps youth reach their full potential and become contributing members of society.


Education is the key to opportunity and is embedded in the mission of our organization. Our annual scholarship cycle begins every Spring and concludes on May 31st. When available, the link to the application will be prominently posted here on our homepage.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is a vital component of a successful individual and a thriving community. The 100 focuses on the well-being of the whole person: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

Economic Empowerment

Our Economic Empowerment programs and initiatives foster financial literacy, career development, financial planning, investment management, and fiscal responsibility at an early age.


Your donation makes a giant difference in helping us, our community. Help us fulfill our mission.

30 Years of
Scholarship Awards

The 2022 award of $125,800 in scholarships is a proud moment for the Chapter. Since our first scholarship award in 1992, we have now awarded $1,900,000 to more than 800 Bay Area Students.

We sincerely appreciate the support of all of our sponsors as we set our sights on reaching our second million in Scholarship Program awards.  

BHM 2021
Scholarship & Awards Gala 2021
News on the Murder of George Floyd
We Stand with the AAPI Community

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