Officers and Board Members

Executive Board Officers

Danny L. Williams (2)

Danny L. Williams
Chairman of the Board
Gala & Social

Al Thompson (2)

Al Thompson
Vice Chair – Audit & Bylaws  Membership

100BMBA - Photo - Michael N. White BW (2)

Michael N. White, MBA
Chief Communications Officer Golf Classic

Douglas A. Davis, AIA, LEED (2)

Doug A. Davis, AIA, LEED
Chief Financial Officer

Langston B. Walker (3)

Langston B. Walker
Parliamentarian – Mentoring

Executive Board Members & Directors

Phillip A. Barnett (2)

Phillip A. Barnett

Rawle A. Gittens

Malcolm Goodwin (2)

Malcolm Goodwin
Executive Board Member

100 BM Induction 2020 Gordon D. Greenwood, Esq. BW

Gordon D. Greenwood, Esq.
Fund Development
Audit & Bylaws

James K. Harris (2)

James K. Harris
Public Relations

Abby Hussein (2)

Abby Hussein
Economic Empowerment

Keith Robertson (2)

Keith Robertson

Chief Operating Officer  Education & Scholarships  Programs & Initiatives

Dr. Joseph E. Simmons (2)

Dr. Joseph E. Simmons
Executive Board Member

Dr. Lawrence Vanhook

Darrell Walker

Darrell Walker

AI-STEM – Education

100BMBA - Photo - Lloyd A. Lawrence, Jr. 3-10-20

Lloyd A. Lawrence, Jr.
Chairman Emeritus

Tiffini Jones

Tiffini E. Jones

Executive Director

Juanita Metters-Upshur 1 BW (2)

Juanita Metters-Upshur
Director of Operations

General Members

Honorary Members

Willie L. Brown
Former Mayor of San Francisco

Ronald V. Dellums (Dec.)
Former Mayor of Oakland

Elihu M. Harris
Former Mayor of Oakland

Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr.
Pastor Emeritus
Allen Temple Baptist Church

Dr. Tommie C. Smith
Olympic Gold Medalist

Robert L. Toney (Dec.)
Rear Admiral
U.S. Navy

Oscar Wright
Inspirational Speaker

Lifetime Legacy

Phillip A. Barnett
Abayomi Brame
Derrick C. Bulls
Ces Butner
Douglas A. Davis, AIA, LEED
Alan Dones
Joseph C. Frank, Sr.
Gordon D. Greenwood, Esq.
Robert L. Harris, Esq.
William Holsey, III
Mark Anthony Jones, Sr.
Lloyd A. Lawrence, Jr.
Chazz Lovelace
Muhammad A. Nadhiri
Christopher J. Perryman
Dr. Matais D. Pouncil, PhD
Alfred Reynolds
Dr. Joseph E. Simmons
Jake Sloan
Derrick L. Smith
Robert L. Smith
Loren M. Taylor
Frank A. Tucker
John H. Wade II
Langston B. Walker
Daryle L. Whyte
Danny L. Williams
Tim Williams


Our New Member Application Period is currently closed.  The annual cycle will reopen again in August and expire in December.  If interested in joining our team, please provide us with your contact information and we will look forward to sending you more information on the application process during that time.