Why We #BankBlack

#BankBlack is movement that calls on leaders in the African American community to deposit money into black-owned banks. This produces many positive outcomes including increasing the flow of capital into the African American community in the form of community reinvestment, commercial loans, small business loans, mortgage loans and other financial products and services.

According The Root, around summer 2016 millions answered the call to #BankBlack. OneUnited itself has seen about $20 million in deposits, generated some $130 million in loans, doubled its social media numbers and increased its national staff by 10 percent in light of the interest in black-owned bank.

“The One Hundred Black Men of the Bay Area has partnered with OneUnited Bank because it supports our mission to help improve the lives of underserved communities in the Bay area and because it offers us additional know-how in building wealth within the African American community” says board chairman, Muhammad Nadhiri.

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